We offer
  1. Software Development
    strong expertise in web application development.
    1. Serverside. all the sugar.
    2. Clientside. all the sauce.
    3. RESTful API Design & Implementation
  2. Server maintenance & deployment
    1. Scaling Applications deployed on strong PaaS Services
    2. operating Databases & Data Analysis
  3. Crossplatform Mobile Applications development
    1. Mobile HTML5 Technology for Crossplatform Compatibility
  4. Design and Interface Design. Opt for simplicity.
    1. Responsive Interface Design, Mobile First.
    2. UX because User Experience and Usability matter.

what matters most in applications is the functionality and userexperience

We ship your product, no matter what

Be completed on time and keep appointments is particularly important to us because accurate planning and time tracking are key part of ours and our customers success.

When a product or feature is overdue to market it may mean waste of money - We make every effort to avoid such scenario.

User Interface Development for all Devices

Thanks to a rapidly growing number of modern mobile smartphones and tablets with strong HTML5 and CSS3 browser technology support it becomes relatively easy to implement a uniform, yet rich, layout and user guidance throughout an entire application.

When the actual system stands on it's own feet the maintainance becomes feasible with fairly little effort - compared to native apps.

It is important to us that you and your product are presented in the best possible manner.

Ideas and Prototypes

From the idea through design and coding till launch, in all phases there are plenty of hurdles to overcome.

In a mass or niche market you know well, we merge your wishes into a perfectly matching software solution.

When it comes down to modern appdevelopment it's all about simplicity in design yet maintainability of code, comprehensible and intuitive user guidance and fast content delivery.

A sophisticated conceptualization is the foundation of all success, therefore the planing must be done without haste and in a tidy manner - which saves more time later on.

Products and Markets

The fallacy 'one size fits all' does not apply to programming related tasks where rather the opposite prevails : every scope needs it's own solution, along with fitted programming languages, adjusted database systems and an overall outstanding design.

Fast load times, enjoyable designs and clean interfaces are a pleasent experience and therefore key to a positive interaction.

Fast load times, secure data, clean interfaces, we provide modern software engineering